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Get Involved

By pitching in, you can help ensure that the Waterbury Reservoir continues to be a unique resource and important conservation and economic asset for the people of the state of Vermont. Here are samples of the work that's currently underway. Cash donations to defray costs of supplies and materials are always a big help, too! To donate, click here.


Trash is more than ugly – it kills. The presence of non- biodegradable debris in the water is a documented hazard to marine life and humans alike.



Common Loon Recovery Project

Starting in spring 2014, Friends of Waterbury Reservoir volunteers will help monitor the loon activity on the Reservoir to verify whether there are nesting pairs.


To learn more, visit VT Loon Recovery Project

Aquatic Nuisance Species Battle

How do we prevent new species from arriving? How do we recognize invasive species? What's next once they're here?


To learn more, Click Here,

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