2020 Annual Friends of Waterbury Reservoir Meeting

Here are the links to the topics discussed at our ZOOM meeting last week. Thanks to all who participated. We appreciate the great turn-out and your continued support. Don't forget to keep in touch with us!

Adaptive Kayaking: https://www.facebook.com/NDAAKayaking https://disabledathletics.org/?fbclid=IwAR0qWHfoVS-D5Wo6qUq2A0tgSvBOA9wAycPByAKznCaFd4C3S0atwrb52aw kayak@disabledathletics.org

Loons: https://vtecostudies.org/.../vermont-loon-conservation.../

Eagles: https://vt.audubon.org/conser.../bald-eagle-recovery-vermont

eBird: https://ebird.org/home

iNaturalist: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/waterbury-wil

Greeter Program: https://www.friendsofwaterburyres.org/single-post/2019/05/09/Public-Access-Greeter-Program https://search.yahoo.com/search...

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