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Rozalia Project Trash Data Study

Funded in part with a

grant from

Phase II of the Trash Data Study

Saturday, May 2,  2015 - Saturday, October 31, 2015


Click Here to learn why we are conducting a trash data study


Click Here - download a fillable Trash Data Card and instructions

(in Microsoft Word)


Click Here - download a PDF version of the Trash Data Card and instructions

"What you are about to do on the Reservoir has never been done before, or hasn't been shared. This is citizen-led science to inform management (VT State Parks) to make a place better and easier to use. This is an opportunity to serve as a model for other communities around the country. This is an opportunity lead - not just in Vermont, but in the bigger picture. The Rozalia Project is proud to partner with you."


Rachel Miller

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean


The Numbers Are In...
Check out the PowerPoint presentation of
lessons learned from the 2014 Trash Data Study
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