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About Us

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Our Mission

Friends of Waterbury Reservoir (FWR) is a Vermont-registered 501C3 non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing the ecological, historical, recreational, and community values of the Waterbury Reservoir.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Waterbury Reservoir is a thoughtfully-maintained, safe, and clean public-access recreation area located at the crossroads of world-class resort towns and yet offers a remote experience for users. The Waterbury Reservoir is recognized as a unique resource and important conservation and economic asset for the people of the state of Vermont.

Our Vision

Our Core Values

We believe it is essential to:

  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders including neighbors, businesses, governments and other organizations and extend our role as convener and supporter;

  • Build a community of Reservoir water- and land-based Reservoir users; and

  • Support stewardship and conservation of the natural world on and around the Reservoir.

We believe it is important to:

  • Provide access, and promote responsible recreation as a means to engage people directly and pass on timeless values;

  • Honor the history of the communities that existed on the Reservoir and their contribution to the area;

  • Collaborate with other organizations in accomplishing shared goals; and

  • Use outdoor recreation as a vehicle to help youth engage with and learn about the natural world.

Our Core Values

We Accomplish This Through

  • Reservoir stewardship

  • Research and community involvement

  • Collaboration with all stakeholders

  • Connecting people and place

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