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Public Access Greeter Program

Summer 2019 will be the fourth year for a Public Access Greeter Program at Waterbury Reservoir!

About the Public Access Greeter Program:

The goal of the Greeter Program is to educate the public about the threat of aquatic nuisance species (like brittle naiad), to prevent the introduction of new aquatic nuisance species to the Reservoir, and to collect general data about Reservoir users. To date, the Reservoir has had no targeted invasive species management, so the Greeter program is an important first step in outreach and management. Greeter programs at other lakes around Vermont have proven successful in managing invasive species. About the Job:

The Public Access Greeter will greet boaters as they arrive, describe his/her functions, educate boaters about aquatic nuisance species, and (with permission) inspect boats and remove any invasive species found. The Greeter will also count the number of boats at the Blush Hill Access Area and keep a daily field journal to record general observations about receptivity toward the Program.

Desired Qualifications: - Previous experience in public outreach and education

- Outgoing and friendly disposition: comfortable approaching and interacting with strangers

- Self-motivated (greeter will often work alone); ability to adapt in unstructured settings

- Ability to accurately record data and notes

- Passion for ecology and Friends of Waterbury Reservoir’s mission

- Available for a one day paid training May, 26 2018 in Berlin, Vermont.

- Degree or pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies/Sciences or Natural Resources

- Data Analysis skills

- Knowledge of or experience working on invasive species management

- Experience coordinating volunteers

- Experience working outdoors

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